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Scie de table

REF : 113366
TS 1200
GENCOD / EAN : 3431541133662
Brand : Fartools PRO
219,90 € VAT included
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Technical informations

Power 1200 W
diameter 210 MM
maximum cutting capacity 48 MM
type of construction Mécano-soudés
Bore 25,4 MM
rotary speed 4800 TR/MIN
number of teeth 24T
size of the main table 400x525 MM
blade brake
cutting capacity of 45° 42 MM
with wheels
splitter cutter
laser target
thermic security MAN
cutting carriage
thermic security AUTO
size of the left extension 220x520
dust recovery Collecteur
settings of cutting height
packaging Boite couleur
tupe of table Métal

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