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How do I remove paint from brick?

Brick is a porous material.
To date, there is no brush that can effectively remove the paint without attacking the surface of the brick.

The only way is to remove material.






How to remove cob, whitewash from brick?

We suggest:



Brass wire brush, 0,3mm
REF : 110885
Brass wire brush, 0,3mm, Fartools PRO
39,90 €





Nylon brush A36
REF : 110915
Nylon brush A36, Fartools PRO
59,90 €




Nylon brush A80
REF : 110886
Nylon brush A80, Fartools PRO
59,90 €



We offer 2 models of fine brushes to adapt to your surface:



Brass wire brush, 20mm wide
REF : 110898
Brass wire brush, 20mm wide, Fartools PRO
15,90 €





Wire brush nylon, widht 20 mm
REF : 110899
Wire brush nylon, widht 20 mm, Fartools PRO
23,90 €