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Out of warranty V.A.S.

One of Fargroup's core values is customer service.
After-Sales Service is an integral part of the range of services available to the user.

The warranty period for products marketed by Fargroup varies according to the brand of the product.(See table here)


You have a problem with a product out of warranty

  • The first step is to diagnose the fault. If you have identified the defective part, you can order it by clicking below in order to change it on your own in self-repair.

Order and replace defective parts myself.

  • You prefer to request an estimate from the after-sales service, so that it can estimate and take care of the entire repair.

Have your device repaired by the FARTOOLS after-sales service.




For more information about after-sales service or our guarantees, you can consult our frequently asked questions at any time.

See our F.A.Q 



If your machine is under warranty,


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