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FARTOOLS supports all your DIY projects whatever your equipment needs!

With more than 400 different references, Far Tools is always there for your projects and works.
Whether working on wood, metal or any building materials, welding, cutting, abrading, drilling, plane planing, mortising or grinding ...

The yellow and black range of Far Tools is at your side.
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Dare to succeed with FARTOOLS !


X-FIT, for more freedom!

The X-FIT range is a range of wireless products sharing the same battery. Select your battery (1.5, 4.0 or 5.0 Ah) then choose the machine or machines you need for your project. 

Discover our X-FIT products range


FARTOOLS One, for demanding DIYers on prices!

If you tinker a bit or want to keep your budget to a minimum while buying hard-wearing equipment, the One range is for you.


FARELEK, well-being at home!

Never has well-being at home been so precious. The FARELEK ventilation range revolves around 5 pillars that contribute to this good living.

  • Comfort:
    Home is a place where you feel good every day!
    With this in mind, our ranges offer silent products, which evenly distribute heat and coolness; while optimizing the other facilities in place.
  • Aesthetics:
    Beautiful objects that fit perfectly into the interior decoration. Resolutely modern or more traditional designs, sober and elegant colors, allow everyone to find the product best suited to their style.
  • Hygiene: 
    Appliances that stay clean, even after prolonged use. Solutions for perfect air circulation in the home, guaranteeing a healthy and homogeneous atmosphere, summer and winter alike.
  • The economy by and for ecology: 
    Our fans are designed for low energy consumption. Our choice to favor air cooling over air conditioning is good news for the planet and for the electricity bill!
  • Simplicity and ergonomics:
    Easy and quick to assemble (and store), to use, often remotely controllable, they require very little maintenance. FARELEK products make everyday life more pleasant, in a home where you feel good.

Discover our range of desk, pedestal or ceiling fans.

Discover our FARELEK products range